Reasons Why You Should Drink Craft Beer

Craft beers or ales are beer made in a small brewery which is traditional and independent. They are not mass producers and hence they promise you the real essence of beer. If you’ve had enough drinking those regular beers, and thinking of starting on craft ales, here are some of the best reasons why.

1. They taste better

Of course, they taste much better than the mass-produced beers. Why? Small breweries focus on quality and ingredients of their beers rather than mass producers who simply focus on quantity and profit. To minimize cost, they cut down on quality of ingredients and make the beer as watery as possible. You would not see this in craft beer events Hong Kong. Hence choose taste over price if you really want to experience the real essence of beer.

2. More alcohol

You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Normal beers consist of 2.5% alcohol by volume, due to its watery texture. However, craft ales would start off at 5% and could go up to 40%. So ultimately, you could get the result of drinking 5 to 6 regular beers by drinking one craft ale.

3. Fewer trips to the bathroom

With all that water in the beers, it is obvious that you would have to spend more time in the bathroom than at the party. Since regular beers are watered down, you would drink up to 5 or 6 bottles to get the desired effect. So by that time, your bladder is overflowing so you would have to make many trips to the bathroom.

4. Health benefits

Craft beers contain nutrients such as vitamin B, soluble fiber, antioxidants which prevent heart disease and even silicone and calcium which will help in preventing osteoporosis. It also helps relieve stress and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, so that you could maintain mental health too. Who knew drinking beer would be healthy? Now you could make it a point to visit a few beer events here too, to try out some new ones.

5. Less expensive

Well of course a craft bottle could cost more than a regular bottle, but did you think of the bigger picture? Overall, it could cost lesser. For example, you might have to drink about 5 to 6 bottle of watery beer while you could get the same effect by drinking one craft ale. So overall, it would obviously cost you less. Moreover, there are small town-side breweries that offer huge pints for a very cheap price. If you could locate one, you are set for your entire life. You no longer have to buy watery beer packs.