Some Help On How To Plan For An Audit On Oracle

Nowadays, we have a lot of audits, both internal and external. Their increasing frequency should not be seen as a potential threat but as opportunities to get your house in order and be in a knowledgeable and strengthened position yourself. You can us this chance to set new standards of compliance within your company.

However if you are not planned for an audit, the implications can be pretty daunting; a break in day to day services as well as businesses, more stress, a huge burden on the IT resources you have and finally the possibility of expenditure without budget. IT asset management Australia should be included in calculations as well. Here are some areas you need to cover in order to be shipshape. 

SAP accounting software should be up to date. The first step involves reviewing the actual cause behind the review that you are either preparing for or responding to. It may be that you are under the eyes of the vendor, who will not hesitate to mince words and the audit throw up unexpected results. It also might be that you’re thinking of changing vendors for a long term strategic relationship, or if you consider that there is a compliance issue at hand which needs to be addressed immediately.Then, you have to consider how much time there is on your hands. This depends upon the nature of the audit. If an audit notice is sent, you’ll have just a few weeks of time to prepare for it. However if you’re the one calling the shots, you can take your time and conduct the audit when you find it necessary. Visit this link  to find out more reviews regarding SAP accounting software.

You also have to visualize outcomes, it might be the creation of a policy as standard as ISO 19770, or mitigation of risks. Data centre consolidation may be on your mind as well or cost savings. You need a thorough understanding of your resources as well. You require historical order histories, documents of licence, all renewal dates and details as well as OSLA’s and discount agreements too. Keep in mind the size of the project as well.You have to think about the executive sponsorship level you’re opting for, try and understand who stands to gain from the deal. Try and ensure that the stakeholders are on your side and they understand the risks and benefits from such an audit. You have to honestly ask yourself if you have the skills required to support the entire process from start to finish, including, IT support and architecture, operations concerning IT, procurement, and commercial as well as legal representation of the audit. Also, try and improve Oracle relationship because it’s pretty necessary.