Best Ads Of The Season

With the advancements in technology and high priority given to creativity, the extent to which the media industry has developed is truly astonishing. Not being limited with technical barriers and equipment has led experts to think out of the box and not be held down by anything that may limit their creativity levels. The following are a couple of the best advertisements that have managed to promote their products in a truly unique and captivating way;

The tiny dancer

Advertising home insurance isn’t exactly the most interesting thing ever yet, it is a necessity and that is clearly depicted through this ad that markets John Lewis home insurance. This is a true example of the amazing work of post production company Hong Kong. The ad revolves around a little ballerina with pig tails, glasses and big dreams! The background music themes around the little dancer by Elton John. She dances her way around the house in a not so safe way, where the chances of a risk or damage happening is high! The amazing choreography and the confused face of the little brother simply makes this commercial even better. It gives out the message that “if it matters to you it matters to us” which themes around this insurance policy.

A superhero

Asian ads are known to give out a message combing their product with their social responsibilities as well. This is a commercial based on a true story. It starts with a middle school background where the teacher has assigned the kids an art project with the theme being “a superhero I want to be”. While the teacher goes through the usual art work ideas of the kids she is truly captivated by a particular one where a kid wants to be a garbage man. She gets to know his story from another friend that says he leaves school early to help his mother who sweeps the road for a living and had met with an accident a year ago making it difficult for her to do her job. In his little mind he pretends to put on his suit of armor and save the city and keep it clean. He wants to protect his mum from danger and make sure she gets home safely. Thai life insurance promotes their product while also giving out the message that our parents are our heroes!

Ribenary, Ribena

This ad that promotes this particular blackcurrant juice and is a definite example of TV ad animation. The catchy tune, rabbits with sunglasses and hedgehogs with hats truly makes this one of the most bizarre yet cool way of promoting Ribenary Ribena juice.

Dove and beautiful

Two walk ways that have been divided to the entrance of a mall with two doorways, have been tagged with average and beautiful. This is one of the best promoting methods that has also managed to give out a lesson as well a lesson on perspective. It was a challenge to see how many would take the path through the beautiful doorway but many choose ordinary instead. It shows the lack of confidence and underestimation that many women experience. And the next time they walk through that way they choose beautiful to prove to themselves and the world that they indeed are! The product was promoted along with the trending hashtag “beautiful”!

These companies have managed to use advance technology and combine their social responsibility while also promoting their product thus giving them the opportunity to be among some of the best ads to be ever created!