Factors To Consider When Choosing The Type Of Freight Transportation

Transportation plays a significant role in determining the shipping and logistic costs of your goods or service. This is the reason why special attention is required when you are about to choose the ideal type of freight mode for your business. If you are not sure from where to begin, then this article will definitely help you through.

There are three basic modes of transportation to look after: air, water and land. When confused about which one to choose amongst them you should consider:

Fuel Efficiency

There are certain studies that showcase sea freight transport is relatively efficient when compared to rail. This is because the carbon dioxide emissions by ships are far less than trains or any other vehicles for covering the same distance. But, the point is: this efficiency can only be achieved when you transport 500 or more shipping containers. For this, you can search for shipping container sales adverts and grab the best value at lowest price.

Safety Level

Without a doubt, road transport has always been prone to accidents and other serious fatalities which affect the quality of goods to a great extent. However, this never happens when they are being transported via the sea, because these containers are much sturdy, durable and strong than other alternatives. The second hand shipping containers for sale are of good quality and are definitely economical. These have always been a popular choice amongst many business owners.

Transit Time

When you are sure about the efficiency and safety, then the next aspect to consider is the duration required for transportation. To do this, you can compare the various modes and then realize which one reaches the destination at the earliest. This can be done by calculating the average distance that has to be covered along with the speed at which each one them move per hour.

Cost of Transportation

Many aspects influence the cost of transportation, such as fuel efficiency, maintenance of equipment, profitable targets and regulatory compliance. Therefore, instead of choosing any option that you come across gather more information about the various expenses that will be involved and how much you are going to pay for it.


Based on the type of product that you manufacture, the frequency at which you are able to transport the products even matters. For instance, if you are dealing with perishable goods then you have to ensure that they reach their destination daily and on-time without any potential delays. So, the higher the frequency is the lesser will be the waiting time and the chances of damage to the goods.

There you have it! Consider the above said five important factors and then decide which mode of freight transportation can turn out to be the right choice for your company.