Why Should You Choose The Right Type Of Award?


Awards are more than just metal and glass that has a name on it. They are evidence of hard work, patience and determination. To get an award is not an easy task. You have to become the best at what you do. You have to put years and years of practice and training to become a candidate to receive an award. When the announcer says your name and you walk to receive your award amidst the sound of applause, the happiness you feel is immeasurable. Everything you did would finally pay off. 

So if receiving an award is an event that brings so much joy shouldn’t the award being given, be suitable? Yes it should. Let me tell you why.

If a team from Australia takes part in a recognized Volley ball championship and defeats other participants from other countries to win the championship, and is given cheap looking medals as awards, do you think it is just?

Of course not.

If a person takes part in a sport or an event that requires a lot of hard work and can be very exhaustive and even causes pain, that person deserves an award that is suitable for the effort they put in.

Medals are suitable as awards but their use in events depends on the quality of the medal. An Olympic medal for example has a huge amount of value and quality, making it highly desirable and suitable for the prestigious moment of winning an Olympic event. However the cheaper, low quality medals given in children competitions do not have the same quality and value. Thus they are not interchangeable. So a high quality medal is suitable for events that require a lot of awards that should be valuable while a lower quality one is suitable for events that require a lot of awards but do not necessarily need a high amount of value.

In the case of when trophies are more appropriate than medals, the answer is when prestige and cost is taken into account.Trophies are associated with a higher level of prestige due to it being more expensive to produce than a medal of similar material. The reason why is because more material is required to produce a trophy thus increasing its cost and value. This is why sports trophies Sydney may cost more than medals from the same city.

Therefore it is understandable why many award ceremonies prefer to use trophies for more prestigious awards over medals; corporate trophies for international industrial awards are an example of this. Browse this website if you are looking for custom trophies.

Thus it is necessary than when you choose an award, you should choose the right type of award as there is so much attached to it; recognition, prestige and honor to name a few. If you choose the wrong one, you could end up disrespecting the effort and hard work of the person receiving it.